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Bankroll Managment
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Friday, 28 November 2008

I recently was watching a player of our community, and he indicated how often he gets bad beat and goes bust.

He claimed if he could only stop the bad beats he would not go bust. But what was odd was the fact he would sit at the table with full stack.

He got one of our Tony G free bankrolls and got is first $25. With in 5 mis he sat down at a table with the full $25 had a few bad beats and was out.

This clearly demonstrates the weakness in his play. Not because he lost those hands, but because he risked his whole stack. This is a serious no no in poker and one we hope our players avoid.

 We also play poker online, and also suffer bad beats but over the course of the year rarely have I gone bust. I simply follow a bankroll management regime.

I will never sit down at a table with more than 1/20 of my stack. Some people believe you need 30 - 40 times your roll to play. Some even play with less.

For me, I feel comfortable with 1/20 of my roll.  If i lay sit and goes, and have a bankroll of 100 i will only play no higher the $5 sit and go.

The same goes for cash game, if i have 100 in roll, i will sit at a table with 5 dollars. When i double up to $10 i will leave the game automatically.

 This is to ensure nothing strange happens,  such as a bad beat, bad play, ect.

You need to follow strict bankroll management in order to handle the waves that come with poker.


One day your hot one day your not. SO following these rules should and willavoid you from ever going bust again.


Play only with 1/20th of stack at any one time. IN sit and goes especially as you can move up fast. Cash games similar, but you need to be more careful as you could lose allot more in a cash game.

Cash games when you double up leave the table, as you have increased your bankroll already. Start a new session with a new table.

Following these steps will help you increase your bankroll, while  risking the least amount of money.

 Try it on our sites and see for yourself. Have fun!
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